Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas Sweater

We started a tradition a few years ago, inspired by a wonderful friend, of wrapping Christmas books** each year and having the kids open one per day in December until Christmas Eve. I throw in a few bigger chapter books that we can snuggle in and read for longer periods too.

One of my all time favorites is The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck. Stories have such an amazing impact and boy does this one! It’s a story of love, forgiveness, and the impact small choices can make over a period of time- for good or bad. I never fail to shed a few tears while reading certain parts. And my children always offer more hugs, compliments and love during and after reading it. It really brings home the love of family and the need to cherish the important things in life while we have them.


**Just a note - we wrap up books we already own. I might buy a book or two each year but mostly we just wrap the old favorites we have! I just choose 24 of them for that year.

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